Ann + Jake // Ballara Receptions Wedding Photos

My very 1st Micro Wedding!

Ann got in contact with me only a month ago and set her Wedding date for 20 people at the end of August this year but after the increase in Covid numbers and the oncoming lockdown, she changed it to the day before lockdown - 8th July 2020!!

She couldn't also get the 20 people unfortunately and also Jake's parents + family couldn't make it either as they're from NSW so we ended up with Jake + Ann (obviously!) and her family (mum, dad, sister + brother),

Such a gorgeous couple, so in love. You could just see they made a decision to leave the world for a few hours, tie the knot, get some awesome pics @ Ballara Receptions and just be in the moment,

Photographed with Desiren Photography & Video

Congrats guys!



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