About Me.

I believe an experience creates a memory which is why I set out to capture experiences rather than just pictures. Everybody is unique but when two people that love each other come together as one, now that is magic I choose to capture. My approach is about connecting with you so you can feel at ease in order to get the best out of you. I’m all about capturing the love you have for one another, anticipating that ever so fleeting moment in time and capturing it before it’s gone. That immense joy and emotion felt when you look at each other for the 1st time to the look on your parents and closest friends and the entire experience you create together, I consider it an absolute privilege to be invited to capture it all.

My WHY is to work with couples who are passionate about working with me to capture the natural beauty of the event and of their unique personalities. I love working with people who are looking to have a 'not so traditional' Wedding yet value the art of timeless portraiture intertwined with the aesthetic of those candid/in between moments.

Wedding Photography is perfect for me because it encompassed two of my favourite things - being creative and literally hanging out with people. My very first memories I have are of me being a budding little illustrator, drawing picture after picture of the varying interests I had at the time. Fast forward to my twenties and I found myself working in a Pro Photo Lab printing the photos of some awesome Wedding Photographers. After being mentored by one of them, I started photographing Weddings too and haven't looked back.